On Cloud 9

October 20, 2010

A day to always remember!

3 years ago today my grandpa Grace Grace died, and I just wanted to pay tribute to him so he knows we still love & think about him all the time!! I love my Grandpa very much and he has been very missed the last 3 years. I love going to the temple and the feeling I get when I am there is truly amazing! It is truly a blessing to know that we can go to such an beautiful place and feel the love of those who have gone on before us! John and I have had some very wonderful experience's at the temple that involved Grandpa and I wouldn't give those up for anything! I love having the knowledge that if we live our lives righteously and faithfully we will be able to see him again. I know our Savior has a plan for us and it gives me so much comfort to know we are not alone, especially when we are struggling with loss and sadness. Death is not a easy thing to go through let alone try to deal with, but the only way to help us overcome the sadness and know we are going to be ok, is the love of our Heavenly father and Jesus Christ! They know pain and sorrow better then any of us and they only want us to be happy!
I just want everyone to know how much I love my family and I would be nothing without them! I love you all so much, thanks for always being there for me! Let's think of all the happy times we spent with our Grandparents and our hearts will be filled with love and joy!
We love you Grandpa Grace!!!