On Cloud 9

February 16, 2011

Happy LOVE day!

John and I had a very chill and relaxing Valentines Day this year only because Valentines is celebrated every day in the Hatch home!! :) I love Valentines because of the decorations, colors and especially all the CANDY AND TREATS!!

I love sugar cookies and cinnamon hearts.. oh they are to die for but sooooo hard to find! So naturally my mother being the wonderful person she is, she sent us this fun and yummy package filled with all our favorite treats, the movie Red and the cutest wreath she made!
Thanks Mom and Dad!

Do to Valentines Day being on a very busy school and work day, we decided so go into the city on saturday with our friends the Luv Sacs and do some shopping and have a nice dinner! We had so much fun and can't wait to go again!

This was one of the best pizza places to eat, so yummy!

I love you John!

Ok so on Valentines day after dinner and visiting John's parents I came home to this little beauty..
I can't even tell you how surprised and EXCITED I was to see this beautiful gold ring! I have been telling John forever that I have wanted a plain single gold band that I can wear to work! He is such an amazing husband, I love my ring... its perfect! Thanks again babe it was a wonderful Valentines Day, I love you!!

Happy Birthday to me!!

I had such a fun Birthday this year, I'm so grateful for all my friends and family for all the calls and gifts! I really appreciate all the love and support everyone gives me!
This year was awesome because my parents flew out to spend time with John and I for my birthday! It was the best gift I got, we love having visitors and they made the week so fun! I'm so grateful for all the work that John and my parents did so I could have a wonderful Birthday!!
Of course I woke up to this wonderful tradition, and lets just say it was in fine form this year, we had the yummiest b-day breakfast and it was the best way to start the day!

I love having them in my kitchen!

Later that night we had a very fun Birthday party with my friends!

We had a great time playing headbands, just dance, and darts!

We had to hit up the Donut Wheel!!

Saturday morning we woke up early and started the trek to the Calaveras big trees!

Let just say it was worth the drive, words can't even explain how BIG and BEAUTIFUL these trees are!

If you have never seen these big trees it is something you need to ad to your bucket list, It is truly incredible, I'm so glad we were able to go!

After we got back form the big tree's we got ready for a nice dinner with Jani and Jared stone! Jani called ahead and had this fun surprise waiting for me! I felt like a celebrity, we had such a blast at dinner!

Thanks again to everyone for making my birthday so special, I love you all so much!!!