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January 24, 2010

My Birthday Bash weekend!

I've said it once and I'll say it again (and I'm sure I'll say it a thousand times more) but I have the best husband in the world! John, being the wonderful man he is, decided he wanted to plan my birthday for me this year. I was happy about this because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for it! Being away from my family is hard enough just on a regular bases but holiday's and birthday's are even harder. John, knowing this about me, knew he needed to plan something SUPER FUN and let me tell you he did! John got up Thursday morning and made me a wonderful and delicious B-day breakfast, which I was really grateful for because he missed one of his classes. After a very long day at work and not knowing what John had up his sleeve, I opened the best presents from my family and John and then he put me in the car and we were off for a fun filled night! As soon as we arrived, I saw the building, I was so excited to see where we were...Dave and Buster's! Dave and Busters is a GIANT chuck-e-cheese for adults. John invited a bunch of our friends and family to come and enjoy the night with us! We had such a good time eating and playing games! I honestly felt like I was 10 years old again, it's exactly what I needed!!! Thanks again for those of you who could come, and thank you thank you for all the GREAT presents I received:) I have the best friends and family's in the world!

This was a fantastic breakfast!
Mom and Dad always go above and beyond

John has pretty good taste

Here's the birthday partier's: Ty J, the Morley's, the Babcock's, the Foulger's, Mama and Papa Hatch, and John and I

Mama Liz and I beat everyone else, she was the life of the party...the old folks showed us young couples how to party:)
John trying to show everyone he can shoot the rock
that's right... JACKPOT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!
John never passes up the claw game, especially the life size one... and of course he grabs one. Wes had to of helped him on that one:)
We combined for a grand total of 1232 tickets
Thanks Bri... it is so beautiful that we hang it up in our kitchen for all to see
Thanks brooke and fam, with all the earthquakes popping up I'm sure we'll need it soon

Our newly painted walls, we will redecorate them soon. it sure makes our table and couch stand out. it makes our little apt feel so much more like home.

This was another wonderful surprise. John planned an excited fancy night on the town. So we got all dressed up and headed into San Francisco...so i thought

It looked like we were ready for prom
SURPRISE... we are going on a cruise around the bay. Dinner and Dancing, WOW i had no clue
This is from the port we left from
it was well decorated and we enjoyed a wonderful dinner with the Babcock's and the Oliver's. The night won't have been as fun without them, especially the dancing:)

the faint lights in the back are those from the bay bridge. It was cold but clear skies and a beautiful San Francisco sky line, truly magnificent
Those are some pretty good looking boys

We had such a fun night, I just want to say thank you to my sweet heart for being so thoughtful and planning such a fun weekend for me! Thank you again to my family and friends I love you all so much!

January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!

I'll write more when i get some pictures of the fun night John has planed for me!
I also just want to say Happy Birthday Skinner ( Brooke) I love you so much and can't wait till we get to spend our birthday's together again! Have a great day.

January 6, 2010

A great way to end 2009!

All I can say is I love Utah, and John and I were so lucky to be able to spend Christmas and New years with my family! We had so much fun, and we made a lot of wonderful memories while we were there! I hope 2010 brings us just as much joy and laughter as 2009 did! We love you all very much and here are pictures to show how much fun we had the last couple of weeks! Happy New year everybody!

Ginger bread house's!

John and I finally cut into the top of our wedding cake! Surprising it wasn't to bad.

Christmas Eve at Grandma's!

Christmas Morning!

Santa never disappoints

Koda was so excited

Lincoln finally got his yellow bike!

Yeah for Clear play!

Snuggie power.. I love my snuggie!

Dad got a ping-pong table

Koda even got a snuggie!

John made his mom's famous cinnamon rolls and they were so delicious!

We had the best Christmas breakfast!

Need I say more :)

Koda new that present was for him, and he never left it's side till we opened it.

Yummy Christmas dinner!

Brenna and Eli got ENGAGED on Christmas Day!

The whole gang went and saw Avatar in 3-d.. cool shades!

How could we not go to Denny's after?

New Year's Eve!
Waffle Fest 2010

Thanks Mom and Dad for a AWESOME New Year's party!

Family fun snow day!

It wouldn't have been a Utah trip without a puzzle!

Bri and Brandon taught us how to make homemade pizza's it was so fun, everyone made a great pizza!


As sad as I was to leave back to cali, it was hard to look at this beautiful sun set and not just be so grateful for everything we have! We are truly so blessed and I love my family so much, Thanks for a wonderful trip, we can't wait to see everyone again!