On Cloud 9

March 16, 2011

Mama Liz

Elizabeth Ann Hatch

Where do I even begin to tell you how much we love this amazing, wonderful, loving, fun, organized, outgoing, friendly, happy, straight forward, spiritual, wife, mother, (in-law), grandma, and most of all a best friend! (The list could go on and on)

We love and miss you so much mama Liz, thanks for all your love and support!

It was a perfect day. Blue sky. Sun shining. Family and friends gathering
to remember an unforgettable person. Good food. Lots of laughing.
Old friends reuniting to share memories. It was as if Liz planned it herself which she did..

Erin, Paige, daughter-in-law Becky

The whole Hatch family!

Liz would've loved every min of this party,
she hoped her memorial would be a celebration of her life. And it was.
She hoped the boys would tell funny stories. They did.
She wanted everyone to eat well, stay and chat, enjoy each other.
It was all that.
We can't be sure how many people attended but my
guess would be close to 700 people, the Stake Center
was filled to capacity and the over
1000 peanut-butter-balls (Liz's signature treat)
prepared for the guests were all quickly devoured.
As her family, we were overwhelmed by the out-pouring of love
But we were not surprised...
For Liz gave everything to so many others, it is no shock they showed
up to give a little back. We laughed,
we cried, we did both simultaneously.
It was a special day. You will be forever missed,
thank you for everything you have taught us!
You truly were an inspiration to many, you will never be forgotten!
We love you!!!

The following is the poem Paige wrote and read at the memorial:

Her Part

Sometimes mere words are not enough
To say what's in the heart
For in our lives are people who
Just play a bigger part

She played the part of teacher
For all those who took the class
A clearer voice, the lisp was fixed
That stutter gone at last

She played the part of foodie
All fine restaurants she could find
Breakfast, lunch or dinner
Eating out was on her mind

She played the party-planner
No event too big or small
Weddings, birthdays, showers
If it's fun she'd do it all

She played the part of tour-guide
Just what do you want to do?
Museums, shopping, culture, sports
Then maybe hit the zoo?

She played the part of cherished friend
Who'd always lend an ear
To listen, comfort, laugh, advise
And silence any fear

She played the part of servant
His work done here on earth
Helping those around her
Understand how much they're worth

She played the part of grandma
Sharing stories, hugs and books
Passing down a legacy
Of love, of time, good looks...

To Him she is His daughter
Whose life stands tall and true
As the consummate example of
Just what we ought to do

But to me she is my mother
All these parts wrapped into one
A tour-guide, teacher, servant and
A friend second to none

Now my part is to follow
The clear path that she has set
And live a life with meaning
With intention, no regret

But more than all the parts she played
Was the whole she knew to be
Her sacrifice, her love, her heart
Those gifts I keep with me.