On Cloud 9

April 14, 2011

I love a good SURPRISE!!

For my Mom's birthday I decided I wanted to give her the best birthday surprise ever... ME!! I had been planning this trip for a few months but thankfully we were able to keep it surprise from my Mom and Dad (I had to let a few people in on it, so I had a ride from the airport :)
I flew in on Monday April 4th and had my sister Brittany pick me up from the airport while my mom watched her kids. When we got back to the house my mom was doing dishes and had her back towards us, Brittany walked in first and said "hello" and my mom said "Hi" back but didn't turn around so I said "Hi mom, Happy Birthday"!! My mom turned around and screamed like she had seen a huge spider! ( not that I am scary or creepy) it was just a very loud scream! It was awesome, it was exactly how I planned it and everyone was really surprised!
We had a great birthday week for my Mom and Brittany, filled with lots of fun activities and just relaxing!

Fist things first we took the kids bowling,
They had so much fun and they were so cute to watch!!

We had a fun craft night at Brittany's house with all the girls and we made cute bracelets like this one!

My Mom's actual Birthday was really cold and snowy but
my dad decided he was boycotting winter and dressed for spring!

We had birthday breakfast at a yummy restaurant called Communal!

Happy Birthday Mom we love you so much!

We had a very lovely B-day dinner at La Jolla Groves, it was amazing!!

Lincoln wanted to help make some cupcakes, he was a great helper!

The week went by way to fast but the following Monday the 11th was Brittany's birthday, so we met up for Birthday Lunch at Cafe Rio!!
Happy Birthday Brittany, we love you!

My sisters family just built the cutest home and the kids rooms are so adorable I had to share some pictures!

Thanks everyone for a great week, I love you all so much and Im so happy I was able to be there to help celebrate Mom and Brittany's Birthdays!

April 13, 2011

Family Vacation!!!

After a very emotional week John and I were so ready for a vacation, a couple of weeks ago we were able to meet my entire family down in So. Cal for our (early) annual beach trip! We started our trip out up in Lake Arrow head at a cabin with LOTS of snow!
There was a lot of games!
There was a lot of relaxing!
Dad did a lot of tinker-toying, while the kids watched!
There was A LOT of crafting going on!

And a lot of Jimmer fan's rooting on BYU basketball. We all made Jimmer shirts for the big game unfortunately they lost in overtime.
We did all venture out into the cold to see the beautiful Lake in Arrowhead.
It snowed so much while we were up at the cabin we thought we might actually get snowed in. After a little cabin fever we thought we would go try to catch some rays down at Oceanside beach.
It was a little chilly but we all had a great time and did end up with sunburned noses.

Bryce and Lincoln running around the beach playing paddle ball.

After soaking up the rays, we needed refreshment from the Oceanside DQ.

Gavin!Avery was hiding out in the cupboard drinking her milk, just like Randy on "A Christmas Story"!
On Sunday everyone headed there separate ways home. This group was the last to leave so we had some really yummy hamburgers for lunch.