On Cloud 9

October 30, 2009


One year ago today John asked me the best question in the world, Becky will you marry me? I love thinking about this phrase and I am reminded of it everyday especially by looking at my ring and being spoiled by John all the time! I just can't believe it's already been a year and getting closer to our actual one year anniversary! What a great year this has been, it's been full of love, family, adventure, laughs, tears, happiness, and excitement! John and I have grown so close to one another throughout this year, and it's been such a wonderful experience that I know will only get better as the years go on! I love John with all my heart and I know he loves me unconditionally (because of the sweet note he left on my mirror this morning among with many other things).  John and I are going to go on a fun date tonight and carve a pumpkin to keep the memory alive, so I will post pictures of that later but for now here's just a little reminder of how cute my husband is! 
I love you sweet heart! 

October 26, 2009

The best Husband, The best Surprise and the best Parties!

This last weekend John surprised me with a ticket to Utah, so I could go home for our annual Halloween parties! Each year my mom and dad put together a fun pumpkin carving event for the whole family and any friends that want to come!  There's always delicious food; creative and intense but friendly pumpkin carving contest!   Despite all these people who carved pumpkins it didn't match the number that John did for our engagement last year:) Thanks mom and Dad for a GREAT party!
The gang and their pumpkins

Brenna carved Edward and Bella and Eli did the Dharma (from LOST)

Clayton once again showed everyone that he has great craving skills
Chelsey, Scott and I tagged team a Trick or Treat tower!

Kim and Kevin come up with a creative way to make a pumpkin without carving!

Les and LG bust out the tools to carve the biggest pumpkin of the night! 

This weekend was just one party after another, the next day my Aunt Lisa and her friend threw the best Witches party ever! The night was full of scary and cute witches, a wonderful assortment of food as well as delicious goodies, dancing and prizes! It was such a fun party, Thanks Lisa for spending the time to put it all together!

The wicked old witch turned Grandma Grace into an "Old bird" Everyone loved her Costume

Here are some fun cute pictures that I just have to post! 

Goblin Cheese Ball

Lincoln in his cute pirate costume

Les and Debi tapped diet coke to their hand at midnight.. They just couldn't get enough fast enough!

Little Miss Avery

Lincoln Eating Ice Cream

October 17, 2009

Grandpa Grace

(I wish i had a more up to date pic but I don't on my computer)

This time 2 years ago our Grandpa Grace left this earth to go live with our Heavenly Father.  I just wanted to write a little tribute to him so Grandpa and everyone one else knows how much I  love him and how much I truly miss him!  There are so many wonderful things to say about him its hard to only pick a few but as I was laying in bed last night wonderful memories filled my head and I felt a certain piece of comfort that he was around and thinking of me too! Some of my favorite memories of Grandpa were these..

1. Ever since I was a little girl and up until the last few months of his life, every time I came over to visit I would walk into the family room where Grandpa was watching cartoons (usually bugs bunny) and I would say " Hi Gramps, how ya doin" and he would say " Well hello there come over give me a hug but first SHOW ME YOUR SERIOUS FACE"! I would shoot him a glance with no smile and see how long I could last.  I was pretty good at it when i was younger but as I grew older it was hard to look at my Grandpa and not smile! But for some reason Grandpa loved my serious face and it was our little thing.. I miss it!

2. I think we can all agree that there are so many good memories of Grandpa during Onion days but I remember this one year in particular because we made out with a hall. My sisters and cousins decide one year to sale snow cones at the carni, Grandpa didn't think the people of Payson would be so generous and buy any from us! So Grandpa said " What ever you guys make ill double it". (Probably only thinking we would make 5 or so dollars) Agreeing quickly to his offer with a hidden smirk behind our grins (Grandpa didn't know we were the best snow cones sales women ever).  We ended up making about 40 dollars and Grandpa was shocked but he kept his word and payed up! He was actually very impressed! 

3. Like Walter from the movie the Burbs Grandpa and Grandma "He has the best yard on the block.. and you know why"... because they were both out there day and night taking care of the lawn and the rose bushes! One day I remember pulling up to their house and Grandpa was mowing his lawn on one of the rideable lawn mowers, and all the kids jumped out of the car and asked if we could go for a ride, the loving and generous guy Grandpa was said "Sure everyone can have a turn". I loved riding around with him, he made something so small and simple something I will remember forever!

4. Every time I listen to the song Abide with Me; 'Tis Eventide I will always think of my Grandpa, and how much I love him! Listening to that song of course makes me cry with out fail but it also helps me think of all the good times we shared together. Grandpa was an amazing man he was so sweet, kind, and loving, he truly was the BEST GRANDPA IN THE WORLD! We love you so much and miss you terribly! 

I just want to say how happy we are to still have my Grandma Grace here with us and she is the best reminder of Grandpa! :) I love you Grandma I hope you doing well!

October 15, 2009

New Moon Trailer.. OMG

Exclusive 'New Moon' Trailer Premiere: "Check out this exclusive, expanded version of 'New Moon'.  I can't believe I am just seeing this trailer for the fist time, I honestly just about peed my pants! I am so excited for this movie I can hardly stand it!

October 13, 2009

Where to begin!

It's raining its pouring and I don't have to work, so i figured this would be the best time to start our blog! But where to being... John and I have been married 10 months and have shared many wonderful memories together and with our friends and family so i figure i will just post some of our more recent pics and moments! We hope you enjoy! 

Halloween goodness 
After a long day or work and school John and I were so excited to finally come home and open our Halloween surprise! Of course my mom had it packed to the brim, it was full of the best Halloween treats and cutest Halloween decorations ever!(which our apt needs badly) We just want to say thank you. Thank you, we loved it so much and truly appreciate all the thought, time, and money that was put into this package! 

Banana Bread
After a very long day of work i walked into our apt. and the smell of very over ripe banana's almost knocked me to the floor. I immediately ran to my computer and looked at the recipe for banana bread! So attempting this without a sifter and never making this before, i just jumped right in and within 15 Min's I had some thing in the oven... keeping my fingers crossed and having hope, John walks in and says "Yum banana bread!" Pleased with myself I said come over and check it out! I opened the oven and the loving guy, John says, "Is that what banana bread supposed to look like"? I shut the oven and say " I don't know but its not about what it looks like but how it tastes" RIGHT? well 2 hours later we tried it, and it was delicious!

Date Night
John and I try to go on at least one date a week whether it be going to get ice cream, dinner, movie, bowling, going to the temple or a combination! We decided last week we wanted to go bowling and to Mimi's Cafe. Neither of us had gone bowling for over a year so we thought it sounded fun! As we are getting ready to start our very intense bowling game, I start practicing my old bowling class moves and John is picking the winning ball I decide to go fist and of course my fist bowl is a strike :) but that wasn't the best part the lane next to us was a family full of energy but no teeth, the ladies starting yelling " YOU GO GIRL, YOU SHOW THIS PINS WHO'S BOSS"!! It was hilarious, they made comments like that all night. When John got a strike and of course started doing some dance moves the ladies chanted " YOU GO BOY, SHOW US THOSE DANCE MOVES" and they started dancing too! They were so fun it made our bowling night so much better! Then two lanes over we saw Tim and we could not help but take this picture, Tim was so cute and he inspired John and I to always keep blowing no matter how old we get! It was a great date night.. Thanks Johnny