On Cloud 9

June 14, 2011

"You're 30... on a scale from 1-10"!!!!

Well the rumors are true Mr. Hatch turned 30 years old on June 11, I woke up super early to get our yummy traditional birthday breakfast ready to feast when everyone woke up!

We were so happy to have Jerry, Lezlie, Paige Z & the Love Sacs come to breakfast!

John got so many wonderful presents from family and friends we both just want to say a big thank you to all!!

Ok so here's the best part (I think) of the whole day.. John had no idea about any of the things that happened on his birthday. I had every part planned to be a surprise, birthday breakfast and his BIG SURPRISE PARTY!
I had decided I wanted to give John a FUN party for his 30th.. so I had to tell a few white lies to pull it off but it was all worth it. I got him to Palo alto where his sister and brother live, and we went to our nieces ballet performance and while we were there everyone gathered at there house. John was thinking we were going to go to a fancy french dinner after but little did he know there was a party waiting for him!!

Now for the big SURPRISE.. I had wrapped something small into a few bigger boxes to keep him wondering what I had gotten him. When he came to the last box there was a note on top that said "Just to see you smile, I'd do anything" when he opened the box he was totally shocked to see Tim Mcgraw tickets for that night! I was so excited and he was so excited, I couldn't have been happier everything worked out so perfect!

Things just kept getting better and better.. as we were waiting in line Tim was giving a private concert and we saw him walk out of his tent to get in his car, I screamed so loud he turned and looked at me and waved. I about died, It was so awesome!!!

We seriously had such a great time at the concert, I am so grateful for all our friends who made the effort to come, you guys made this possible and so fun!
We love you so much, Thanks again to everyone I know John felt so loved!
Happy 30th Honey, I love you so much!!

P.s John's favorite Tim Mcgraw song is Just to see you smile, which he played.. it was perfect with the whole theme of the party, it was awesome!

June 2, 2011

I love the City!!

I just have to say I love San Francisco, but I love it more when you go with your friends!

This was one of the Yummiest Italian restaurants that we have found in the city,

and of course you can't go to the city with out stopping off for a delicious treat at Ghirardelli's!
I have to say.. I'm going to miss San Fran when we move...I better soak it up while I still can :)