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February 24, 2010

Gratitude alphabet list!

My sisters will always be such great examples to me, I look up to everyone of them and love them so much! Seeing Brooke and Brianne post what they are grateful for, inspired me...and as usual I just had to follow their example and jump on the band wagon! It's so Important that we remember how blessed we are even if we are going through a tough time. Heavenly Father has given us so much to be grateful for and we need to make sure we share that with others! So here is my alphabet gratitude list...

A- Africa. Going to Africa changed my life forever, In the short period of time I was there I learned the greatest lesson about being grateful for what we have, because those wonderful people have nothing!

B- Brittany, Brooke, Brianne, and Brenna!

C- Chips and Salsa. If I was stranded on a desert Island that's the food I would want to have!

D- Dad. I love my Dad so much!

E- Elevators. Need I say more!

F- Flowers, fourth of July, fire works, fortune cookies, friends and food!

G- Gospel, Grandparents, Giraffes and Garage sales!

H- Heavenly Father, Home and the whole Hatch family!

I- I-pod, Internet, Italy!

J-John, He is the best husband in the world!

K- Koda our family dog, Kids.. Kids are my life, I can't wait to have my own!

L- Lake Powell my favorite place on earth, Light, Love and LOST!

M- Mom, words can't even express how much I love my mom she is the greatest women alive, Movies I love watching and going to see movies as well as movie quotes!

N- Nieces and Nephews!

O- Opportunities!

P- paper plates, people watching, and parties!

Q- Quarters!

R- Ribs and roller coasters!

S- Sun light, swimming!

T- Temple, TV shows, and Target!

U- Umbrella's, It's been awfully rainy here in California!

V- Vehicles, I love my car Stella!

W- Water, weddings, and web-cam!

X- Xenodocheionolgy.. Love of hotels! Ha ha this is legit, I wanted to come up with something different but I do love a nice hotel!

Y- Y as in bYu!

Z- Zoo and Zebra prints!

*There is so much to be grateful for and these are just a few of the billions of things I am grateful for!

February 16, 2010

All you need is LOVE!

John and I had such a fun Valentine's weekend filled with family, friends, and a lot of LOVE (and food)! It was a blast spending the past 2 weeks with Liz, Paige and Erin. I felt like I was the one with bad health because those girls can go for hours:) I love my new sisters...We just wanted to say thank you to my family for the wonderful package of valentine goodies, Mom and Brittany sure know how to make me feel at home with cute decorations, which gives our home a holiday feeling of love. We were stoked to have a Dupree spend the weekend at our home, haha... MJ drove solo all the way from Utah, and we loved having him! I just want to say how much I love John and I'm so grateful for him, he truly is a wonderful husband who knows how to make me so happy!
I love getting surprises in the mail.. especially when I see that it came from Utah!

This was filled with the cutest Valentine treats and decorations!

Thank you so much.. Mom, Dad, Brenna, Koda, Brittany, Adam, Lincoln and Avery!
I couldn't wait to start baking!

Jessica and I made the BEST sugar cookies and cup cakes.. They were a big hit!

Valentines Day.. This is what I woke up too~


I really did feel so special! A perfectly heart shaped pancake dyed pink just for me... I think John should be a professional pancake maker

Thank you Johnny for the wonderful V-day breakfast.. I love you sweet heart!

I loved spending Valentines day with my sunbeam class, they are so cute!

Dinner with MJ and the Luv Sac's!

Lunch with the boys at Mr. Pickle.. (It's the best sandwich place)!