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August 26, 2011

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is the happiest place on earth, some may say its Disney Land but honestly nothing brings me more joy then a week in Lake Powell with my family!
This video explains it all..

Lake Powell Eleven from Adam DeVincent on Vimeo.

I look forward to our annual LAKE POWELL family trip all year long! It is always such a fun, relaxing vacation. We always get in late on Saturday night & sleep the first night at the
Marina Doc.
Bryce & Lincoln were on dish duty the first night we were there. Lincoln grabbed the last dish soaking in the water and said, "Oh good the last plate!" Then Bryce pointed out the large stack of dishes waiting to be washed on the counter and Lincoln said, "Ahhh.... NUTS"!
Sy, Gwen, Bain, Alisa, Brianne, LeGrand. Squished on the couch but still having a great time.
Sunday morning it was Brianne's BIRTHDAY! She turned 25 at Lake Powell this year. One of the BEST places I can think of to spend my big day. Pancakes for breakfast with whipped cream!
Although we are on a houseboat camping with 23 adults and 4 children for the week, does not mean we have anything less than AMAZING GOURMET FOOD. For birthday lunch we have ALOHA CHICKEN SALAD! It was delicious and beautiful.

We ate lots....
cooking ribs!

Gavin decided to play in the foot cleaning buckets instead of the lake 3 feet away! I guess whatever kept him busy and out of trouble.

Since it was Sunday we had a little Sacrament service in the evening. You can't beat church in your bathing suit!
Lincoln & Bryce had so much fun together. Here they are having a healthy snack. Don't let this fool you we had TONS of junk food but that's what vacations are all about!

Midnight "Margarita's" (virgin of COURSE) are always a must at Lake Powell. Anything cold to try to cool us off before we sleep helps. This year we had Strawberry & Pina Colada's.
First SKI run of the year for both Brianne & I. For some reason it is so much fun to get up and go for a ride together.
Taking turns in the water and cheering each other on.
Here we are eating our dinner outside on the rock.
Sy, Alisa, Heather, Jared, Carol-lyn, Brianne, John & I.

Can you believe we had a fire when it was still 100 degree's outside. I know we are crazy. But you can't go camping and not make SMORES.

I love LP it's the best place in the world, I can't wait to go back, Thanks Mom & Dad for taking us on another WONDERFUL Lake Powell trip. We all had such a great time and it always goes by way too fast.


Phillips Family said...

Holy crap the food looks good!! Well, not as good as the food we had at the GIT, let's face it. Looks like a great time.

molly said...

Is that your brother in law that made the video? It was amazing! Looks like some serious fun.